‘Never Disappoints’ – Stevie Stone’s ‘Momentum’ Earns High Marks From Fans

Oct 26 2012

Stevie Stone - "Momentum"

Two releases in one calendar year would normally yield skepticism from listeners, but with Stevie Stone’s Momentum, the pre-release excitement has only been overshadowed by the positive response from fans discovering that the emcee is more than capable of delivering his signature anthems while still maintaining strong subject matter.

With bangers like “Gettin’ Ugly” and “Turn It Up”, Stevie Stone threw the aggression into overload for the new EP. Meanwhile, “Outerlane” and “Long Time Comin'” peeled back the curtains for a revealing look that listeners first experienced on Rollin’ Stone‘s “My Remedy”.

As Momentum prepares to close out its first week of sales, fans everywhere are hitting the web to discuss the release and share their thoughts on what is a prelude to the many things Stevie Stone has in store next year.


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