FIRST LOOK: Stevie Stone’s ‘Outer Lane’ Music Video

Oct 9 2012

The Momentum keeps building for Stevie Stone.

Just weeks before the release of his Momentum EP, Stevie Stone gears up for the first visual attached to the project. Shooting for the brand new music video, “Outer Lane”, recently took place and as always, some behind the scenes photos made their way to the web.

Stevie Stone also added a bit of commentary, raising the anticipation for fans:

Check out the exclusive flicks below and be sure to stay tuned for more on the official music video for Stevie Stone’s “Outer Lane”.

“Outer Lane” behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes Of "Outer Lane"

Behind The Scenes Of Stevie Stone's "Outer Lane"

"Outer Lane" Video Shoot

"Outer Lane" Music Video

"Outer Lane" Music Video Shoot

Stevie Stone In "Outer Lane"

"Outer Lane" Music Video Shoot

On Set For Stevie Stone's "Outer Lane"

"Outer Lane" From Momentum

Stevie Stone's "Outer Lane" Music Video

"Outer Lane" Music Video

"Outer Lane" Video Shoot

"Outer Lane" Music Video From Momentum


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