SM Live Episode 79 Featuring Kutt Calhoun – Is Strange Music Going Mainstream?

Oct 5 2012

It’s Friday and you know what the !@#! that means, time for the livest, most entertaining and most life-saving show on the planet: SM Live!

With Kutt Calhoun releasing songs and videos like “Bottle Service” and “Strange $” from his Kelvin EP, some of the fans have been uttering terms like “mainstream” while describing the music their listening to, and with songs that have to do with money and VIP status, who could blame them?

Today we’re going to have Kutt Calhoun as our special guest to address the masses as to what’s going on in the Kelvin EP and whether Strange Music is veering into the center lane. Are they? And what is mainstream music anyways? What is it about mainstream music that makes us despise it so much? Is it the content or how it’s executed?

All that and much more on SM Live!

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