‘It’s Tech N9ne, But It’s The Darker Side Of Tech N9ne’ – Tech Talks ‘Boiling Point’, Next Album, & More [Video]

Oct 31 2012

Tech N9ne Speaks With Sermon's Domain

If you’re a Strange Music fan, you know that Halloween is like Tech’s Christmas! It’s the preferred time of year around these parts, and this year Tech N9ne presented fans with a Halloween gift of his own in the form of his new EP, Boiling Point.

In support of the EP & his upcoming European Tour, Tech N9ne sat down with Sermon’s Domain to discuss Boiling Point, his K.O.D. persona, and more!

In the new video interview, Tech explains that Boiling Point is another entry in the K.O.D. Collection, meaning that it’s comprised of much darker and heavier subject matter than his previous release as E.B.A.H. He also goes on to explain the reason for so many EP’s being put out by Strange Music at the moment:

It’s a beautiful thing. It holds the fans over while they’re waiting for an album. Our fans, they love us, so we have to give them a lot…..The EP’s are a good way to get music to the fans while they’re waitin’!

Other topics covered in the interview include Tech’s upcoming full length, the future of Strange Music, and more!

Check out the full interview below:


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