‘I Actually Listen As A Fan’ – Xzibit Addresses Tech N9ne Collab Rumors [Interview Recap]

Oct 31 2012

Xzibit Discusses Tech N9ne Collab And Takes Fan Questions

For fans that have been keeping up with the podcast, it’s no secret that we’ve had some stellar guests in recent history. Among the top of those coveted guests is none other than X to the Z, Xzibit.

As someone who’s been active in the game for over 20 years, fans knew Xzibit would have some interesting insight into the music business as well as all things Strange. During the podcast we had a chance to let some callers phone in with their questions, and our fans came up with some thoughtful and interesting questions for our esteemed guest.

When asked by one of our fans what it’s like to work with the King of Darkness himself, Xzibit made the joke that he lives in L.A. so he works with the King of Darkness every day. Jokes aside however, Xzibit made it clear that he has been watching Tech N9ne grow from afar and has been learning from Strange Music’s example.

Xzibit also dropped a couple nuggets of gossipy goodness:

We’ve spoken about doing some records recently, so I know this is a prelude to something great.

In response to the same caller’s question, the living legend also alluded to a desire to tour with Tech N9ne if the two come up with some tracks together:

It’ll be pretty incredible if we get some hits together and decide to combine and create a juggernaut.

When we prodded further however, Xzibit re-assured us that as of now his lips are sealed as far as details are concerned:

I can’t tell you anything yet, but I’m pretty sure as soon as I hear something, as soon as we get something solid, it’ll be great to be pushed out on both our sides, on both our media networks.

Another curious fan later asked Xzibit how he was put onto Strange Music, which illicited a genuine and exciting answer from Xzibit. He explained that he’s a genuine fan of Tech N9ne & Strange Music, and that his respect and admiration for Tech N9ne’s skills on and off the mic have inspired him to listen to Tech’s music:

I didn’t get put onto Strange Music. I actually listen as a fan.

As the fan call segment of the podcast neared it’s end, another fan asked this loaded question: What do you like most about Tech N9ne?

As big as Xzibit is and has been for the last 2 decades, his answer was nothing less than humble and observant. He explained that Tech’s abilities as a business man, coupled with his aggressive style and incomparable stage presence made him a life long Tech N9ne fan. Xzibit even went so far as to say that he believed he and Tech are “cut from the same cloth”, and that he’s killin’ it in the Midwest:

I think the strength comes in his confidence as a business man first, because without the business man, I learned that from Dr. Dre, without having the business behind you, and the plan and the vision, then it’s all gonna go to shit. So, on top of that, his style is aggressive. He’s a wordsmith. That song that he did with Busta Rhymes where they was spittin’ at a thousand miles a minute, that’s not just random shit, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s like real focused, real get down. I think that’s where my appreciation comes in. He keeps his pulse on what’s happening around him, yes, but he also stays in his lane which is something that I strive to do as well.

And then the way he dresses his stage, he’s not just puttin’ on a rapper chain and walkin’ back and forth across the stage holdin’ his nuts. He really performs for the crowd, and that’s also where I feel like – if you ever been to one of my shows, you’ll understand. I don’t go up there and try to look cool and try to he swaggy and whatever the fuck that means. I want to be in sweat by the end of the show, and I want people jumpin’ and screamin’ like I am. So, that’s where I try to get into my live performances, and that’s where my appreciation comes for Tech. I think we’re cut from the same cloth, I’m comin’ from the west, he comin’ from the Midwest, and he’s killin’ it, and I think that’s why I like him.

Now that’s an answer that you just wouldn’t hear from someone trying to conduct a cookie-cutter interview, or someone that wasn’t really a fan or what he was speaking about. Xzibit showed that aside from being a master of his craft, he’s also a fan of others and really keeps an ear and an eye out for pure talent.

During the rest of this interesting and extremely informative podcast, Xzibit touched on everything from his experiences on MTV’s Pimp My Ride to his new album Napalm which just released on October 5th.


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