CES CRU Starts Work On New Album

Nov 12 2012

After achieving Top 5 success with their Strange Music debut, 13, CES CRU are back at the drawing board and hungry for blood.

Just a few days ago, CES CRU confirmed on Twitter that they had just finished their first session on what is to be their upcoming full length debut, Constant Energy Struggles:

With their feet planted firmly on Snake and Bat soil, excitement doesn’t begin to describe what we’re feeling as we look forward to a full length, Strange-backed Ces Cru album.

No release date or other details have been unveiled yet, and even though they’ve only got one Strange Music release under their belt, the anticipation is palpable.

CES Cru On Twitter

  • Who do you hope to see featured on the new album?

  • After hearing 13 , are you excited for more?

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