‘To Me It Means…’ – Fans Search For Meaning In ‘Proof Of God’

Nov 20 2012

Fans Search For Meaning In Krizz Kaliko's "Proof Of God"

In a surprising move, Krizz Kaliko kicked off his new series of #KaliFridays recently on a more serious note with the provocative “Proof Of God”.

The brand new music video delivered a strong message from Krizz Kaliko as he put his own faith and struggles to understand on display for his fans. Paired up with powerful visuals, “Proof Of God” made a noticeable impact on listeners with their own questions.

With the video still fresh from release, we asked Kalikoholics on the web to share their thoughts on the true meaning behind “Proof Of God”.

Check out what they had to say below!

Who’s god? Is anyone really listening when I cry out and pray? If there is a god can i have some answers? That’s what I think it means – Better Days Pandah

I question why the world is like this every day. I really believe the idea of God is within us, the simple idea should influence anyone to be better to themselves and their peers. If we don’t at least accept this is all our reality, this game of dog eat dog will continue. I cannot fear death for it is inevitable… but the idea of the afterlife, separation of soul from body and separation of body from friends and family, is what I will forever contemplate. It’s the old question, “Why are we here and where are we going?” – Brandon Schnotala

I think a lot of people can relate. we all get faced with hardships and just want to seek out a god and really see a higher power that we hope can answer us in a time of pain. its just the wonder of if hes really there or not. This song is very powerful and sends a strong message – Steven Madonia

It seems to me that you understand everything I’m thinking about and going through. Why is it so hard for some to believe in God? Proof of God is in every breathe and I love that I feel that in every song you make <3 amazing fucking genius – Kara Mendenhall

It means love. God is love and love is God. It represents the struggle for me, and the fact that we’re not alone in our loneliness. – Grace Solivagant

There’s a god and this god is no where else except in your own mind! Not in the heaven or the devil in hell!
So when I believe in god, I believe in ma self. To live with the past, present and the future, u got to have faith in your self! – Haider Malik Kuzad

It’s a constant search for MORE definite proof of a Higher Power…referred to by most as God…this song is really powerful and makes you feel rather than think – Bradley Michael

That the world is in shambles and bad things are going down every second in every place. Every one serves a purpose and not enough people are living up to their purpose. Kids are dying and it doesn’t seem like God cares whats happening to us even though we know he loves us, and that if he was in our place maybe he would run the world differently. Even though he knows what he is doing it would be great to know what, how, and why he does what he does. That is what it means to me, but that might be because this is what i was thinking the night before i heard this. I love your work man, keep doing what you’re doin. – Joel Mills

This song is powerful, because i believe we have all asked those same questions at some point in our life’s. Thank you Krizz for sharing that part of yourself. – Lefty Threesixty

Mr. Kaliko, To me this song conveys a deep sadness for the state of affairs the world is in right now and you are asking god to show himself to you so that you would be reassured in the fact that there is something better. I love the fact that you believe and I could be way off base but this song only shows a shallow understanding of the presence of our Lord Jesus. I don’t know you so I’m only going of the video but remember my brother in Christ, that it is us that bring despair in the world through sin and ultimately death. I could say more but I feel as though I have said to much as it is. – Zack Johnson

To me it means i want to believe in god. A higher power that’s for the greater good. I feel it in my mind and heart but i have my doubts because there’s so much bad in this world this combined with others opinions makes me question God. I’m uncertain and i need 100% proof. deep song Krizz I love it. – Sergio Michael Rodriguez


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