Written In Stone – Stevie Stone Shares Meaning Behind 'Outer Lane'

Nov 18 2012

The climb to success continues, no matter the sacrifice.

Stevie Stone’s latest music video for “Outer Lane” once again found the emcee opening up his life and sharing his struggles with listeners. The constant grind and hunger for more has come with plenty of drawbacks as Stevie Stone does his best to balance life with music.

With the music video sparking more buzz around his Momentum EP, we decided to let Stevie Stone address the meaning of “Outer Lane” and share a very special message with fans.

In his own words, Stevie Stone explains “Outer Lane”:

Outer Lane is this road I’m on. You may think I’m crazy but I had a dream of this. I remember seeing a street sign, and this sign was the name of the road on which my life exists. Everything is going on this road it’s a rollercoaster, good and bad. Dips, curves, rocky flat, This road is far from easy, but mandatory to travel to get to where I’m destined to be This road is taking me to greatness and success. I’m reflecting on this road. There’s no shortcuts on Outer Lane. I’ve come to realization this is my path. You can feel passion and emotion bleed through this record. And I welcome you all to come with me through my eyes and travel down Outer Lane with me. Thank you to the fans for making this road possible.STEVIE STONE


"Outer Lane" - Stevie Stone

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