'My First Show As A Strange Artist' – Rittz Excited For The Gift Of Rap 2012

Nov 27 2012

The First Annual Gift of Rap Benefit Concert is just over a week away, and the fans aren’t the only ones excited about this event! We recently caught up with one of the most exciting performances of the Gift of Rap show, Rittz, to discuss how he feels about giving back to those in need and hip hop’s positive role in general.

During his appearance on last week’s Gift of Rap edition of the SM Podcast, Rittz had this to say about his feelings of anticipation:

I’m crazy excited to be a part of this. This being my first show as a Strange artist, I’m just trying to get it goin’ man. It’s the first of many, so I’m really excited.

Rittz also discussed how much it means to him to be a part of something that makes such a difference in people’s lives:

I mean man, if I can be a part of anything that makes someone’s life better or helps someone else out, I’m all about it. So you know any opportunity I have to jump on something like this, I’m happy to be a part of it. Hunger is a big deal. That on it’s own, and so many people need help and shit, if I can help in any way, that means a lot.

We also got into the discussion of whether or not hip hop has the power to do something good for the world, and whether or not artists should be involved in events like this more often. Here’s what Rittz had to say:

I think it’s great man. I think it should happen more often, especially if something could generate some money or food for a good cause, and we have the power by being artists to do that? I think we should use that power, and more often.

And of course before our conversation ended, we had to get Rittz to let y’all know why you shouldn’t miss this landmark show December 7th:

First and foremost, it’s for a good cause. You’re also gonna see some really good performers, some of your favorite artists, and it’s a really important thing to be a part of. It’s gonna help people out, and whenever you can do that, why miss it?

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