Strange Gifts: Top 10 Items To Donate For Tech N9ne’s Gift of Rap 2012 Benefit Concert

Nov 14 2012

Strange Gifts: Top 10 Items To Donate For Tech N9ne's Gift of Rap 2012 Benefit Concert

Last week, Tech N9ne announced the Gift of Rap benefit concert in Kansas City which features himself, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Rittz, and E-40. The Gift of Rap is not just any old Strange Music concert, this year we’re giving back!

Sponsored by CBS Outdoor, Simon Malls, DSS Inc., Gates BBQ, Colormark Printing, Monster Energy, The Wrap Factory, Mix 93 and KC Trends, The Gift of Rap will benefit the Love Fund For Children and Harvesters Community Food Network.

For this show we’ll be taking all kinds of donations that will help those in need, and any qualifying donations are good for a $10 voucher at the Strange Music merchandise booth on the night of the show!

Since we know our fans love helping people (and free stuff too, let’s be honest), we thought we’d give you a list of 10 items that make great donations.

Check it out below!

Gift Cards - Gift Of Rap 2012

10. Gift Cards

Gift cards for places like CVS, Best Buy, Target, K-Mart, iTunes, Wal-Mart, movie theatres, malls, restaurants, etc. are a great donation, and probably the easiest donation to carry with you too! Y’all know what it is – who doesn’t love gift cards?

Winter Accessories - Gift Of Rap 2012

9. Winter Accessories

Hats, gloves, scarfs, socks…anything that will help keep people warm. There are a lot of people out there that don’t have the necessities to stay warm during the winter, and that just ain’t baller to us.

Clothing - Gift Of Rap 2012

8. Clothing

Any type of clothing is a huge look for the Love Fund for Children. Doesn’t have to be Gucci or anything, but you get the idea. You can even be really sneaky and cop some Strange clothes on the SM Store and donate those, couldn’t hurt to have some little Technicians running around reppin’ the Snake and Bat!

MP3 Players - Donations

7. Personal MP3 Players, iPods, Headphones, Earbuds

Can you imagine not being able to listen to music wherever you go? Neither can we. It might not be a bare necessity, but most of y’all are privileged enough to know how awesome it is to have some tunes to back you up on a not-so-awesome day. Give that gift to somebody else!

Assorted Candy - Gift Of Rap 2012

6. Pre-Packaged Candy, Snacks, Gum

This one is pretty self explanatory. Who doesn’t love candy and snacks? Just make sure it’s still in the original package, we hate to be harsh on ya, but nobody wants to taste your first attempt at making Twizzlers (how do they even make those things?).

Art Accessories - Gift Of Rap 2012

5. Sketch Pads, Art Supplies, Paper, Pens, Etc.

We’re blessed to have super artistic fans, and it seems every other day another amazingly dope piece of fan art pops up in our mailboxes. We like to think that donating some of these items would both make some kids in need really happy, and maybe even increase the amount of awesome Strange art floating around the universe. Now that’s a cause we can get behind.

Handheld Games - Gift Of Rap 2012

4. Popular Toys & Handheld Games

Dude, I’ve seen that mint-condition PSP sitting in your drawer since LAST Christmas. Time to let somebody play that! Really any popular toys or handheld games are a great donation, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing how much better some kid’s day is going to be when they get that Nintendo DS you almost forgot you had.

Books - Gift Of Rap 2012

3. Books

The Love Fund for Children provides to children 18 and under, so pretty much any books will do. Make sure they’re in good condition, and have a little fun with it! Pick a book that has a message you really dig, that way your donation is more than just a thing. You’ll be passing on ideas! Cause KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! (Cue Schoolhouse Rock)

Blankets - Gift Of Rap 2012

2. Fleece Blankets & Throws

This kind of ties in with the winter accessories thing, but fleece blankets and throws are good all the time. Have you ever had a super long day, come home and burrito-wrapped yourself in a fuzzy-ass fleece blanket? That shit is awesome! Give that gift to someone else this year.

Bathroom And Beauty Products - Gift Of Rap 2012

1. Hygiene/Beauty Products For Boys & Girls

Here’s a fun fact for you: kids get freakin’ stinky after playing and being a kid all day. That’s why shampoo, soap, make-up kits, and all that kind of stuff is a great donation for children in need. Guys, just know that your donation of cologne and body wash is helping a little dude in need lay the kiddie-mack down on a pretty girl somewhere. See, heartwarming isn’t it!?

Can’t make it to the Gift Of Rap 2012? No problem, you can still help! Simply send your donations to us and we’ll make sure they get into the right hands!

Send all donations to:

1250 Northeastern Sloane
Lee’s Summit, MO


  • What gifts will you be donating this year?

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