‘It Saves Our Lives’ – Tech N9ne On What He Values Most In Music [Video]

Nov 27 2012

According to Tech N9ne, not only is hip hop still alive, it saves lives.

During his tour in Canada, Tech N9ne sat down and chopped it up with LJ of Envy Magazine. In part one of the interview, he discusses what he values most in music, the current state of hip hop, and why he feels they both have a positive impact on society.

“When you come to these shows everybody’s smiling at you, but when you turn on the news everybody’s killing each other.”

Tech also covers a variety of other topics including his son’s first rap, and the reason he feels it’s important to “show off and do things you haven’t heard before.”

He even chooses between Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and Dr. Dre’s 2001!


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