Rewind That! – The Top 10 Tech N9ne Verses Of 2012

Dec 21 2012

The Top Ten Tech N9ne Verses Of 2012

2012 may have been missing a full-length release from Tech N9ne, but it certainly didn’t go without some of the indie king’s best verses.

Between three consecutive Top 3 Rap releases – KLUSTERFUK, E.B.A.H., and Boiling Point, and a slew of guest appearances, Tech N9ne managed to once again challenge the boundaries of what an emcee could do and displayed an unfathomable ability to improve on his already elite delivery.

With 2012 just about wrapped up, we’ve taken a look back at the very best of the Kansas City King and compiled the Top 10 Tech N9ne Verses Of 2012.

Check out the top picks!

10) “Can’t Be The Only One” – Krizz Kaliko Featuring Tech N9ne

It may be easy to fall in love with a rapper, but Tech N9ne dissected the entire concept with his verse on Krizz Kaliko’s “Can’t Be The Only One”. Perhaps not as flashy or explosive as his contributions to other tracks, this verse still had plenty of wordplay and more importantly, fed off personal experiences from the N9ne.

9) “Edge Of Destruction” – MGK Featuring Tech N9ne And Twista

The Midwest was definitely in the house as MGK recruited two of the finest the middle of the land had to offer for his major label debut.

Kicking off the track, Tech N9ne showed off his range with a bit of singing and immediately fired off into an emotional verse reflecting on what it took for him to earn his spot at the top. Haters, you get nothing – fuck the world.

8) “Badlands” – ¡MAYDAY! Featuring Tech N9ne

It’s hard to argue that ¡MAYDAY! didn’t have one of the most impressive debuts ever on the Snake and Bat, but when it came to the opener on Take Me To Your Leader, Tech N9ne unleashed a delivery unlike any he had used before and dropped hardcore bars like, “Bismallah, in a minute wah lah, you’ll be in darkened days/ Where the people don’t ride Maybachs, they pack and sparkin’ Ks”

That’s a madman on the mic.

7) “Ugly Duckling” – Tech N9ne Featuring Aqualeo

The oddball flourished here as Tech N9ne embraced his unique and often slept-on style with a mean flow that drew inspiration from his 2009 hit, “Red Nose”.

The Great Yates was in top shape for this one.

6) “Bloody Murdah” (Remix) – Rittz Featuring Tech N9ne

Just when you thought Tech N9ne couldn’t get anymore animated, the Mental Giant let loose and dropped one of the most livewire verses of his career as he teamed with White Jesus for the “Bloody Murdah” (Remix).

From speedy delivery to ridiculous enunciation, it’s all here kids.

5) “808 Bendin'” – Stevie Stone Featuring Tech N9ne

Rap anthems were redefined when Stevie Stone bulldozed through 2012 with his smasher “808 Bendin'”.

Produced by Johnny Juliano, “808 Bendin” proved to be a huge hit in the urban market and even though most would expect Tech N9ne to tone it down, the Strange Music general actually turned up the weird delivery and dropped one of our favorite intros ever, “My name is Aaron..”

4) “Spaz” – Krizz Kaliko Featuring Tech N9ne

“Spaz” was most definitely the appropriate title for a track that featured erratic dub step-influenced production and choppy, yet technical flows from both Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne.

High-pitched and a clinic on smashing syllables, Tech’s feature served as an example of an emcee’s craft just getting better and better. SPAZ!!!

3) “A Real 1” – Tech N9ne Featuring JL Of B. Hood

2012 was a year that saw Tech N9ne deal with a lot of negativity thanks to the easy access of social networks like Twitter.

Always the first to express his true feelings, Tech N9ne’s opening verse on “A Real 1” gave listeners an honest depiction of his anger and hostility towards those openly attacking him and his loved ones. Easily one of the most emotional verses on any Tech N9ne release.

2) “Klusterfuk” – Tech N9ne

Coming off the blockbuster year that was 2011, Tech N9ne opened 2012 with “Klusterfuk” and never looked back.

Clocking it a nearly three minutes before the hook hits, Tech runs through a gamut of flows and sick lines with a single verse on KLUSTERFUK‘s opening track. If there was any doubt that Tech had lost anything – well, this silenced it all.

1) “Kill Shit” – Krizz Kaliko Featuring Twista And Tech N9ne

When we think of the amazing progress Tech N9ne continues to make, there’s no way that his jaw-dropping feature on Krizz Kaliko’s “Kill Shit” doesn’t come in at the top.

Aside from obliterating the beat, Tech N9ne pulls off one his most remarkable tricks ever halfway through the verse when he executes a unique slow-down and speed up delivery that has yet to leave our minds.

Tech N9ne is getting better. We don’t know how, but he is.

– Victor Sandoval, Strange Music Social Media

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