'Who Should Be Featured?' – CES Cru Looks To Fans For Opinions On Upcoming Guest Feature

Jan 11 2013

With their upcoming Strange Music debut album, Constant Energy Struggles, CES Cru took to Facebook to give their fans a voice and see who they truly want to see clique up with the Cru on a track:

“Who should be featured on Constant Energy Struggles chopping double time with us? I need the fans opinion on this…. GO!!!”

From the strangest of emcees to the unexpected, fans online fired off some interesting picks for the Kansas City duo. We’re not sure who CES Cru will end up going with, but the prospect of some of these choices has us ready to hear what’s about to be served up on Constant Energy Struggles.

Check out some of our favorite fan picks!

Daniel Hall – “Redman, Yelawolf, Method Man, Slaughterhouse”

Ryan Stroup – “Honestly Ces with JL would be nice”

Thomas Shaffer – “Aesop Rock from Rhymesayers. His style would be interesting alongside that of you two.”

Curtis Baldinger – “Messy Marv”

Eric Dittman – “Twiztid!”

Gage T Coppedge – “JL and Snow!”

Kyle KJ James – “Rich The Factor”

Richard Leanos – “Jarren Benton”

Riley Mcgovern – “Wiz Khalifa”

Cameron Bienvenu – “Chamillionaire, the song he was featured in on Kickin’ & Screamin’ was awesome!”

Brian Cobb – “Brotha Lynch Hung”

Michael Abrahamson – “Underrated from Potluck them boys go hard”

Greg Melrose – “Bone Thugs N’ Harmony”

Karol Galus – “Machine Gun Kelly”

Marc Levin – “Rittz”

Ryan Jander – “Royce Da 5’9”

  • What do you think of the fan picks?

  • Who would you pair up with CES Cru?

Let us know in the comments section below!