¡MAYDAY! Dives Into Nebraska Underground

Jan 25 2013

The guys from ¡MAYDAY! couldn’t possibly be busier if they tried. Seriously.

Even though they JUST put out a mixtape and are preparing to release an instrumental version of Take Me To Your Leader, we’re still finding them featured on everything.

While performing our daily “scour YouTube and hope it leads to something relevant”, we came across these two gems featuring members of everyone’s favorite Miami 6-piece, and oddly enough both acts are from Nebraska!

The first video is from Nebraska emcee Lucid, and features Wrekonize on the hook with some powerful food for thought:

The second is from Omaha-based group Last Word Clique, and this thing GOES! Bernz and Wrek both throw some bars into the mix on this cut:

So there you have it, some dope ¡MAYDAY! features to tide you over until Take Me To Your Speakers drops on January 29th!

  • What do y’all think of this pair of features?

  • Which one did you like better?

  • Who do you hope to see ¡MAYDAY! collab with in the future?

Let us know in the comments section below!