Wanna Be On A ¡MAYDAY! Mixtape? You Might Just Get Your Chance

Jan 29 2013

On a fine evening in January, the skies parted and Take Me To Your Speakers, a 19-track instrumental ¡MAYDAY! music bomb, fell from the heavens and landed straight in our earholes. It was (and still is) awesome. But recently ¡MAYDAY! took to Twitter to announce something infinitely more awesome.

¡MAYDAY!’s official Twitter account announced that they might just be compiling a mixtape’s worth of material from fan-submitted remixes of Take Me To Your Speakers tracks. So your dream of being on a dope-as-shit mixtape may finally come true!

Details are limited right now, but we’re assuming if you make a fire ass remix to one of ¡MAYDAY!’s tracks and send it to them, you might just end up on the next mixtape from Miami’s favorite six-headed musical beast!

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  • Which track would YOU remix?
  • Would you like to see more artists do stuff like this?

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