LISTEN: Wrekonize Of ¡MAYDAY! Featured In Saheed’s ‘Times Up’ [Audio]

Jan 24 2013

Is there anything stopping this guy?

With a new mixtape on the horizon and a solo album due to release later this year, the lyrical beast known as Wrekonize has been busy indeed.

Now, with Saheed’s “Times Up”, he has another blistering guest appearance to add to his resume.

Over a rollicking instrumental featuring drums that sound like they were recorded in the dingiest of garages, Saheed, Wrekonize and Soul Khan give fair warning to anyone who is considering a career in this game they call hip hop.

Wrek offers a sobering reminder with the heart-wrenching line “They say I made it. Really? That’s funny, ’cause Wrek’s broke.”

Click here to listen to “Times Up”

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