Stevie Stone Reaches Out To Fans For Collaboration Suggestions

Jan 17 2013

As if there weren’t enough already, Stevie Stone is giving y’all another reason to be excited for 2 Birds 1 Stone!

Recently on his way to the studio, Stevie Stone took to Twitter to ask you guys who you want him to collaborate with on his upcoming full length album.

While there aren’t enough tracks in the world to accommodate everyone’s wishes, who knows, you could see your suggestion on the final track list of 2 Birds 1 Stone!

Interestingly enough, Strange Music’s own Rittz was one of the top suggestions on Twitter, so y’all may just get what you were asking for!

Check the full fan collaboration wishlist down below:

  • Who would y’all like to see on Stevie’s album?

  • Who do you wish would have been featured on Momentum?

Let us know in the comments section below!