FIRST LOOK – CES Cru’s ‘Shake It Up’ Music Video Shoot

Feb 4 2013

CES Cru’s looking the part and doing the damn thing for the music video “Shake It Up” from their upcoming album Constant Energy Struggles.

The duo hit a soundstage that looks to be fully equipped with LED panels that you see in major concerts and televised sports broadcasts. Fans should be excited to see the final project, as it looks like CES is taking on bigger and grander stages than they ever have before.

Take a l0ok at the photos from the set.

CES Cru - Shake It Up Video Shoot

Godemis - Shake It Up Shoot

Be on the look out for the “Shake It Up” music video and Constant Energy Struggles pre-order, both coming soon!

  • Is Constant Energy Struggles high on your list of anticipated albums?

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