‘Horrifying’ – HipHopDX Gives Rave Review To ‘Mannibalector’

Feb 5 2013

HipHopDX Reviews "Mannibalector"

The album is out and the reviews are in: Mannibalector is a hip hop work of art.

HipHopDX took to reviewing the final chapter in the Coathanga Strangla album trilogy and gave it a glowing review.

Here’s an excerpt:

While other villains merely hack and slash, making for violence that’s rarely more than mean, Brotha Lynch Hung has crafted a character who’s not only horrifying and charming, but horrifying because he’s charming. Sinister wit and clever lines make Mannibalector far more accessible than one might have thought possible for a Horrorcore album. And while accessibility isn’t what Brotha Lynch Hung is going for, it does make a statement about the breadth of his talent.

The review also applauds the spectacular production behind the album before giving it a final ranking of 4/5.

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