‘It Feels Good To Be Wholeheartedly Accepted’ – Ubiquitous Speaks On CES Cru Getting Strange Chains [Strange Music Exclusive]

Mar 18 2013

Since they’ve been signed, the question has been asked from many fans in Strangeland:

“How come CES Cru doesn’t have Strange chains?”

No longer do we have to wonder, because during the Independent Powerhouse Tour meeting, the two were anointed with the diamond encrusted Snake and Bat chains that have been noticeably missing from their necks for so long.

Upon being asked how it feels to get your Strange Chain, Ubiquitous said:

“It feels good to be so wholeheartedly accepted. The symbol behind the chain is more important than the chain itself, as being a representative of Strange Music and taking the career to the next level as far as professionalism and seriousness. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Now it’s on to the next for CES Cru.

Make sure you catch CES Cru on the Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013


CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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