'CES Cru Is On The Verge Of Something Big' – Kansas City Star

Mar 21 2013

CES Cru is stepping out into the big leagues.

The newly-chained duo that “started from the bottom” in the underground Kansas City rap circuit now finds themselves on their first national tour (The Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013) with their album Constant Energy Struggles about to hit the shelves in less than two weeks, their first album to achieve national distribution.

Kansas City lifestyle writer and long-time friend of the lyrical tandem captured the moment before CES Cru steps out onto the national stage, realizing that it might be her last time to share uninterrupted time with the two before fame rids them of their privacy and plunges them into celebrity status.

The poignant article traces the group’s past until the present and foreshadows their promising future in a way that only someone close to the camp could capture.

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CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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