Godemis of CES Cru Links Up With Trizz For Upcoming Track

Mar 27 2013

Trizz and Godemis

One of the greatest things about Strange Music tours (besides Tech performing “Areola”…anyone who’s been to a show knows why) is the amount of time our artists get to spend together while on the road. Usually with the massive amounts of music they’re releasing, schedules don’t allow for a whole lot of time to kick it and brainstorm, but living together on a tour bus for two months definitely changes that.

While out on the road for the Independent Powerhouse Tour, CES Cru did an interview with The Source and hinted that they had not one but a few songs in the works with some of their tour mates. Details were pretty much non existent until just recently when L.A. rapper Trizz took to his Twitter to confirm that he and Godemis had just finished a track together:

Y’all may remember Trizz from his appearance on “MDK” from Brotha Lynch Hung’s Mannibalector album, and those of you attending the Independent Powerhouse Tour can see him rock the stage alongside Lynch!

While further details have yet to be unleashed, we can only imagine what these two would sound like together, and according to our imaginations it’s going to be dope as hell.

Keep an eye out on Trizz’s Twitter and Instagram for an exclusive look into his experiences on the Independent Powerhouse Tour, and updates on his collab with Godemis.

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  • What other collaborations would you like to see come from this tour?
  • Do you plan on attending the Independent Powerhouse Tour? Which city?

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