‘What I’m doing is kind of like the chest out, nut-swinging type of approach’ – Travis O’Guin On The Strange Music Independent Powerhouse Sampler

Mar 21 2013

Learn from the master of the game how to infect the masses without radio or television.

In this exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin gives you a glimpse into how you might have originally gotten infected with the Strange Music virus, as he explains his thought process behind printing 500,000 Strange Music Independent Powerhouse sampler CDs, all to given out on the Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013.

The venture, which costs Strange Music $180,000, is explained:

The intention is, when I do 500,000 samplers—I mean if you think about it, too. I’m spending like $180,000 of our own money to go ahead and do these samplers and then give them away for free. A lot of people would be like, “Oh, wait a minute. You’re going to spend $180,000 on 500,000 samplers and then give them away for free?” The answer is “absolutely.” This is a part of the marketing campaign and strategy that we have as a company. That disc is a far more valuable tool than what a lot of paper goods are. We still do flyers and posters, but when I hand somebody a disc, you’re not going to see very many of them on the ground after a huge show. You might find flyers, but those people are looking to hold onto the disc like, “Oh word, I just got a free CD. Wow.”

In a series of colorful quotes that are typical of an interview with the outspoken CEO, Travis O’Guin further explains in the interview why a free sampler is effective and why it’s necessary.

In order to find out what he says, you have to read the whole thing.

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Strange Music Independent Powerhouse Sampler