Wrekonize's 'Anxiety Attacks' Reaches Top Of DJBooth.net's Indie Chart

Mar 25 2013

Wrekonize takes you on a journey through the mind of a nervous Wrek in the lead song from his debut Strange Music album The War Wtihin.

Over one of the most soothing and melodic beats that you’re ever likely to hear, Wrek relays the anxieties that plague his mental and the ways he goes about handling. The ¡MAYDAY! emcee displays a rare wisdom and understanding in this hop hop game that’s riddled with shallow materialism, making “Anxiety Attacks” a gutsy choice for a lead single.

The song has reached the top spot on the Independent Songs chart on DJBooth.net.

Wrekonize - Anxiety Attacks On Top Of DJBooth.net Independent Songs Chart

Click here to listen to “Anxiety Attacks” on DJBooth.net

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