POLL: Favorite Song On 'Constant Energy Struggles'

Apr 10 2013

Jeff Nelson

It’s now been out for weeks and you’ve had enough time to digest the concentrated dope that is CES Cru’s Constant Energy Struggles, which leaves us to the inevitable “favorite” poll: which song is your fav?

The wide array of sounds and styles to be found in this album is a hallmark of the duo’s artistic versatility. Without sounding compromised or forced, CES Cru delved into a variety of sounds and pulled them all off with maximum conviction: from the jazzy “Daydream” and “Perception” to the psychedelic “Smoke” and “Wall-E” to the straight up bangers of “Get That” and “Meditate”, there are no shortage of moods to be found on this incredible album.

Now’s the time to make that agonizing decision: which song do you like the most?



CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

  • Which song did you vote for? Why?

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