‘You Know What? Fuck Your Swag’ – Rittz Explains ‘Fuck Swag’

Apr 30 2013

Some things get done to death to the point that you don’t want to hear about it ever again.

For Rittz the word “swag” has gotten out of control, so much that he made a song produced by Lifted called “Fuck Swag” and put it on his debut album, The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Rittz went in on the word, explaining his disdain for the overused term:

DX: Going back to your album, one of the records is “Fuck Swag.” Does that record speak about the culture we’re living in nowadays? Not just Hip Hop, but more so the younger generation.

Rittz: Nah, it was mainly the word, “swag.” It’s one of those songs where you’re angry. The beat already had the sample saying swag on it. It’s irritating. It’s like, “Swag, swag,” so I was like, “Fuck swag.” I’m just hanging around the studio and all the dudes be like, “You good, man? How you doing? I’m good, man. Swag.” They like to say swag where it’s not even necessary anymore. Having swag used to be having that swagger on the mic and you know, the little pauses and that. But it’s almost too much swag these days. Everybody is just so swagged out. It’s like, “Fuck swag and fuck you.” Nowadays, everybody tries to be so different that to stand out as an artist, being different isn’t different anymore. It’s almost too far and too many rappers looking like Lenny Kravitz. I’ll be at clubs, and I can’t tell who raps, who sings in Rock bands. It’s all just a big mess. So you ask people about mess and it’s like, “Shit, that’s my swag.” Well you know what? Fuck your swag [Laughs].

The interview also covers a lot of other ground, as Rittz talks about what it was like to work a job and call himself “a rapper”, how his relationship with Yelawolf and Tech N9ne is different (and how the two are similar in the studio), the touchy subject of race in hip hop, and how desensitized we are as a culture (using WorldStarHipHop as an example).

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Rittz - The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant


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