Wrekonize Announces Return Of 'Wrek Wednesdays' Freestyle Series!

Apr 19 2013

With all the craziness going down in the world right now, it’s good to know that we can count on good ol’ Wrekonize for some good news.

Recently, Wrekonize’s solo debut The War Within went on pre-order on StrangeMusicInc.net, but with one not-so-awesome change: the release date has been changed to June 25th.

While details as to why it was pushed back are few and far between, Wrekonize recently took to his twitter to offer fans a pretty promising compilation.

Remember back before Thrift Store Halos came out, and Wrekonize did the “Wrek Wednesdays” freestyle series for a whole month, each of them more baller than the last?

Well it’s coming back. Wrek’s tweet on April 17th announces the return of Wrek Wednesdays this June, leading up to the release of The War Within.

We know, we’re super hyped too. While we anxiously await the return of Wrek’s beastly flows, feel free to head-nod till your neck hurts with the first round of Wrek Wednesday’s:

“Break Ya Neck” Freestyle:

“Start It Up” Freestyle

“Mighty Healthy” Freestyle

“Hands On The Wheel” Freestyle ft. Bernz

“Goldie” Freestyle

Between those, The Rooftops Mixtape, and “Anxiety Attacks, y’all should have plenty of Wrek goodness to hold you over until June!

Click HERE to pre-order Wrekonize’s solo debut ‘The War Within’!

  • Which freestyle is your favorite?
  • What beats do you want to see Wrek freestyle over this time?

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