Rittz Makes The Perfect Burrito…And Shares His Secret

May 6 2013

Rittz is great for a lot of things, namely writing dope verses and great songs.

But did you know that Rittz is quite the chef? Neither did we until we saw this article on The Smoking Section.

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo (which celebrates Mexico’s obscure victory over the French in the 1800s, since then it has been turned into an excuse for Americans to get drunk), The Smoking Section published Rittz’s recipe to what he describes as “The Perfect Burrito”.

An avid foodie and food pornographer (just look at this blog post we did), Rittz is no slump when it comes to doing dirty work in the kitchen.

After painstaking research and much trial and error, he shares his recipe with the world.

As Rittz describes the perfect burrito.

The perfect burrito has got to hit all of the taste buds. It has to be salty, sweet, all of that.

Be warned, tackling this recipe is not a ten minute ordeal. Rittz went so far as to include how to make the meat rub, marinade and pico de gallo.

Making this burrito should be a lengthy endeavor, but by reading how much detail has gone into this recipe, we’re sure the rewards will be outstanding.

Click here to read the entire article.


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