Fly Kicks – Looking At Rittz’s Immaculate Shoe Collection

May 8 2013

What makes Rittz the superstar that he is?

Sick flow and songwriting skills? Check.

Personality and charisma? Check.

A ridiculous collection of shoes? Double check.

Thanks to Rittz’s Instagram, we have these collection of images that display his very necessary shoe fetish.

They say good shoes take you to good places. If that’s the case, Rittz is going straight to the top.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings – $200

Adidas Originals -  Jeremy Scott Wings

Adidas Originals – Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 – $200Adidas Originals - Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0

Adidas Originals – Jeremy Scott Gorillas – $200Adidas Jeremy Scott Gorillas

Adidas Camo Bears $200

Adidas Camo Bears

Four of the many collaborations between Kansas City-born designer Jeremy Scott and Adidas.

FAMOUS Stars & Straps x Yelawolf – Bama Chukka Mens Shoes – $90

FAMOUS Stars & Straps FSAS x Yelawolf Bama Chukka Mens ShoesYelawolf’s signature shoe with FAMOUS Stars & Straps.

Air Jordan 4 Retro – $300+

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Arguably one of the sickest shoes of all time, these classics will never die.

Air Jordan – Son of Mars “Bordeaux” $160Air Jordan Son Of MarsThese shoes feature the classic “cement” accents and a royal color scheme.


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  • Which one of these kicks is your favorite?

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