‘The Next Big Thing At Strange Music’ – CES Cru Interviewed In Latest Issue Of Murder Dog Magazine

May 23 2013

Murder Dog Magazine, a longtime supporter of the Strange Music movement, took the time to interview what they think will be the next big thing at the Snake and Bat: CES Cru.

In the interview, Ubiquitous and Godemis talk about Constant Energy Struggles and their lane at Strange Music (which we all know by now as “Strange Hop”). The two-page interview is very in-depth and provides an insight into the motivation behind CES Cru and why they make the music they make. A very telling quote addresses this very issue:

“Many quote unquote regular rappers have an aim that is just to make the money. That is all they want to do, so if that is your mindset then once you find that thing that works are just gonna keep doing it. For us it has to be fun and it has to be constructed in a way to where we want to be entertained too. It’s not all about that dollar so the motivation is to create something that is genuinely entertaining and different. That is the recipe and alchemy for great music. When we make our music if we are not entertained or having fun ourselves then you’re probably not going to hear that song. everything that we do comes from a place where we are amused or entertained ourselves.”

Click here to read the entire interview.


CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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