POLL: Favorite Bonus Track From ¡MAYDAY! – ‘Believers’ Deluxe Edition

Jul 19 2013

With ¡MAYDAY! you never know what you’re going to get, but you do know that it’s going to be dope. These bonus tracks from Believers Deluxe Edition are no exception. For whatever reason (time constraints or didn’t fit within the flow of the album), these songs didn’t make the regular edition of Believers but thank goodness they’re available on the Deluxe Edition because these tracks are awesome enough to become fan favorites. From listening to these songs you easily conclude that ¡MAYDAY! has the best problem for artists to have, too much good music.

The Deluxe edition features the latin-tinged “Bad Religion” featuring Kendall Morgan from “Fragile” singing a sultry hook. There’s also the soulful and groovy “The Fight” which has ¡MAYDAY! addressing the adversities that a couple can overcome together, showing a the romantic side from the group of Miami bad asses. Last but not least is the atmospheric “Upstream”, a cool and breezy track that’s complemented with the hard-hitting drums that have become a ¡MAYDAY! trademark, as Wrek and Bernz rap about their upward swim to the top through the murky waters of the music dream.

All in all, it’s another fantastic collection of songs from the most original thing in music today. Do yourself a favor and cop the Deluxe Edition.

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