Wrek And Bernz Talk About…A Lot In Interview With HipHopDX

Jul 17 2013

With Believers and The War Within dropping less than a month apart, the the collective of remarkable talents that is ¡MAYDAY! has a lot to talk about.

In an interview conducted by HipHopDX, the ¡MAYDAY! emcee duo of Wrek and Bernz talked about an extensive and wide variety of topics, most notably the pressure involved behind making a Wrekonize solo project and a ¡MAYDAY! album so close together. They also address battle rapping (touching on Wrek’s background as a battle emcee), what it takes to sustain a relationship while on tour and much more.

An excerpt from the revealing interview:

Bernbiz: We think the human condition is fucking complicated. I don’t give a fuck what anybody tells me… revolutionaries gotta get ass too. We live in a gray world. I’m not tryna portray some shit we’re not. We’re humans, and this is it. We’re tryna capture our human condition. We’re just as worried as everybody else about our drinking water. We’re just as worried as everybody if we’re gonna have sex with a girl. They are the same fucking thing, and the same emotion goes into it. We’re not the type of dudes to be in a box, man.

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