TURN UP! Strange Music Artists Share Their Favorite Turn Up Songs

Aug 20 2013

In the spirit of turn up king Stevie Stone and his new album 2 Birds 1 Stone,we asked artists on Strange Music which songs they listen to when they’re ready to turn up.

Here’s what they had to say.


Public Enemy – “Welcome To The Terrordome”

“Welcome To The Terror Dome” by Public Enemy. Man…the first couple lines says it all to me. The beat for one is fucking massive. I think the Bomb Squad might have did the beat. Keith and Hank Shocklee, I think they did the beat. Man…fucking…it’s like…the first couple of lines mean so much to me. I was always troubled. “I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose.” Nigga that’s my whole persona. I got so much trouble on my mind because of all the love I give people, you know what I’m sizzling and it’s always been like that my whole life and I’m still like that. I refuse to lose in this life God damnit and that’s why I’m still pushing. “Here’s your ticket! Hear the drummer get wicked!” You know what I’m saying? C’mon now. That shit, just right there, period. Like “Black to the bone, my home is your home! Welcome to the terrordome!” You know what I’m saying? Who put this thing together, huh? Me! That’s who! Who do I trust? Me! That’s who! That’s Flavor Flav talkin’ nigga! You know what I’m saying? The sample that’s going on throughout the song and the drums is enough to make me want to fucking loot! Kicking windows and shit! Music don’t make a nigga do that no more man! I still try and do it. Songs like “Einstein” and shit are that kind of spirit. “If you got scratch nigga get the fuck up!” Even “Bout Ta Bubble” man, it’s got that old school feel. It’s like that power music. “Riot Maker” has it. It’s crazy man but it’ll never be matched though. “Welcome To The Terrordome” is going to always get me.


2Pac – “Ballad Of A Dead Soldier”

My main turn up songs is Tupac man. Like “Ballad Of A Dead Soldier”, I put that shit on and I’m turning up. That’s going to be number one turn up record, or “Bomb First”. Anytime I feel like I’m about to go in a stage or do anything, go to a show and need to get hyped up, it’s 2Pac. It brings back a time and just 2Pac’s voice and his assertiveness. Everybody that’s a 2Pac fan thinks they’re the biggest 2Pac fan. They feel like 2Pac is talking to them. The aggressiveness in his voice and just the passion. It’s real hard and on some gangster shit, like “Fuck everybody else.” It’s just something that I put on, like the beats and the tempo and his voice really, especially “Ballad Of A Dead Soldier”, “Bomb First” “When We Ride On Our Enemies”, it’s just shit that gets me angry and it gets me turnt up. I don’t really turn up like get crunk in the club thype of shit, I want to get some adrenaline going and get a little bit of seriousness. It’s kind of like fearless-type music.


Public Enemy – “Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic”

Pharoahe Monch – “Simon Says”

I’ve got a few. Let’s go with Public Enemy “Terminator X”. When that break drops I get super hype. It never fails. It’s just got a great build up, a great intro and it’s just one of those songs that builds up perfectly. When the main part of the song drops and that break comes in it just makes you want to slap somebody.

Then I’d also say “Simon Says” by Pharoahe Monch. That one just rattles the walls.


A Tribe Called Quest – “Scenario”

Denzel Curry – “Threatz”

I’m going to go with something old school: “Scenario” by Tribe Called Quest and props to my man Scenario as well. That hook. I love the group hook about it, the aggressive group hook that sounds like it’s a bunch of thugs in a booth doing it, you know?

What’s something new? Ooh! I’m going to do some Independent shit. My little homie from Miami, he’s called Denzel Curry, he’s got a song called “Threatz”. I love that shit. It has the same kind of group tightness, because it’s also like a posse track. It has a cool group of motherfuckers doing the shit kind of vibe.


Jay-Z – “U Don’t Know”

“U Don’t Know”. I mean, shit’s tight, and it is a turn up song and it’s so much of a turn up song that Jay did a remix with M.O.P. on it. It makes me want to stick my fingers under my loft and lift it like I’m Superman. The lyrics are super triumphant and the beat is super big.


Schoolboy Q – “My Hatin’ Joint”

T.I. – “Kemosabe”

That’s definitely a real real tough one because there’s different music for different feelings. It could be anything. If I’m in the party mode it could be one of Ross’s records. I mean we love music so we put it on there and it’s all spins so anything might come up, you dig what I’m saying? To pinpoint one person, I can’t do it. It’s like a collective thing of all music and party music. We fuck with 2 Chainz, we fuck with Ross. I would say the most recent one that we be jumping all the time before we used to go on stage is one of Schoolboy Q’s joints, “My Hatin’ Joint”.

T.I. “Kemosabe” as well. The groove, the feel, the cadence. It’s just one of them party joints, makes you feel good and makes you want to get up and dance. Especially if you’re sipping on something.


Stevie Stone - 2 Birds 1 Stone

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