Fans Name Off Their Favorite Krizz Kaliko Hooks [Social]

Sep 9 2013

Krizz Kaliko Kick

Kaliko asked…the fans responded.

If there’s one man who has probably written as many hooks as he’s taken car rides, it’s Krizz Kaliko. The man with an endless supply of inspiration, voices and musical approaches has wowed us consistently – since his first Strange Music appearance on Tech N9ne’s “Who You Came To See” all the way to his current “Kill For Your Lovin'” from his recent album Son of Sam, a song with a hook that’s impossible to not repeat.

Recently Krizz Kaliko went on his Facebook to ask the fans what their favorite Krizz Kaliko hook was. The response was overwhelming, but we’ve managed to gather some of the responses.

  • Hello walls!” – Damien Diviš
  • i kill, for ya lovin… AAAAAHHHH!!!” – Brando Gladihater Carpenter
  • “the one from RA’s song ‘I Am Everything you ever were afraid of‘ so dope!” – Derek Joppen
  • Scars” – Mathew Willey
  • Chip on my shoulder” – Brandon Michael Meece
  • Can’t shake it!” – Jesus Calles
  • Stay Alive, Unstable & Beatiful Music” – Kool Breeze
  • Bi polar or no more me and you easily!!” – Thomas Mitchell
  • Unstable for ur song. And low for u on a tech hook” – Bryce Pendleton
  • Lets dip” – Jorge Manriquez
  • “Who am I to you? Nobody. Who are you to me? Nobody life ain’t so long. Guess I wrote this song…..for you….Ya did you did it….you created a monster” – Brea Keara
  • Reckless is my shit but imma have to say anxiety” – Bryce Keeney
  • “Unstable course and get off” – Derek Cobb
  • “either ‘Proof Of God‘ or the hook u did on Andy Mineo’s ‘Tug Of War‘.” -Para Phraze
  • Misunderstood! Not only is that shit my best friend and mine’s JAM, but that hook is just fucking amazing!” – Happy Panda
  • “‘Why so serious!’ You killed it with that one!!! – Jason Sash
  • IMMORTAL has to be my absolute favorite!!!!!” – Cameron Smith
  • “No one shows any love for Kill Shit which had a flawless chorus it wasn’t too long nor too short and it sounds bad ass.” – Nick Refri King
  • “between ‘Cant Shake It’ and ‘Why Me‘ <-(best song ever)” – Colby Hildreth
  • Blacken the sun” – Robert Rose III
  • Ego trippin” – Derrick Leavell
  • One of them ones Kali babii” – Briana Mendoza
  • Peek a boo I see you tell me what your gonna do peek a boo you see me standing right in front of you peek a boo I see you I’d say peek a boo got me hook in I heard it” – Alex Weinrub
  • Rewind!!!” – Joe Humpy
  • Leave me alone!!! And the martini :)) love them” – Denelle Raquel Wilson
  • “Leave me alone and Self Preservation” – Job Salemans
  • Low and Welcome to the Midwest” – Kenneth Brown
  • “honestly you have way too many amazing hooks for me to pick just one. a couple of my favs are cant shake it, happy ending, keep on keepin on, welcome to the midwest, blacken the sun and dsyfunctional” – Aaron Walters

Again this is just a smidgen of the amount of responses we got, but you can tell the amount of songs that Krizz Kaliko has blessed with his chorus-writing abilities, which are second to none.

Krizz would like to thank all the fans that came out and left their input!


Krizz Kaliko Son of Sam

  • Which Kaliko chorus is your favorite?

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