‘Sign Of Very Good Things To Come From Prozak’ – Sputnikmusic Applauds ‘We All Fall Down’

Sep 20 2013

Sputnik Prozak Review

Sputnikmusic is yet another publication to review Prozak’s We All Fall Down!

The impressed reviewer notes Prozak’s continued growth from Paranormal and his unique way of using complete honesty to make connections with his listeners. They also take notice of the way Prozak has fit perfectly into the “niche” he carved out for himself: always including a morale in his seemingly ominous music.

An excerpt from Sputnikmusic:

Covering such topics as running out of time, feeling like there’s no one there for you, not being understood, etc, everyone can find something in his music that they can connect with. He manages to come off as more sincere than corny, which, as proven by his previous album, is no easy task with subjects that are as beaten to death as the ones he talks about. It does help that everything he says is said with such conviction. His deep, gruff voice has more than enough power behind it to further demonstrate that he means what he says, and he wants his listeners to feel the same way.

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