‘Songs Of Protest And Self Preservation’ Juggalo News Reviews ‘We All Fall Down’

Sep 17 2013

Juggalo News Review Prozak

The glowing reviews of We All Fall Down just keep pouring in! This time the kind words come from Hatchet Ryda of JuggaloNews.com, and they couldn’t be more on point.

This guy gets it. It’s great to see a review that appreciates the finer points of an album and all of it’s subtleties, especially in an age of hip hop journalism where album reviews are all but expected the day the album drops, leaving little to no time to digest it’s content fairly.

In the review, Hatchet Ryda finds himself focusing on Prozak’s penchant for deep lyricism, double meanings, and the tackling of social issues with the poetic poise of a man who’s seen both sides of the coin.

Hatchet goes into great detail on the feelings evoked by each song on the album, and to close the review, Ryda had this to say:

So before you go and pick up an album that came out a year ago, or before you decide that the next gore-fest album is going to be the “greatest thing since sliced bread.” You may want to get this album, before someone decides that free thinking is more criminal than singing about murder and torture.

A simultaneously empowering and ominous review for an album of the same caliber.

Click HERE to read the full review, and make sure to head to Best Buy and grab your copy of We All Fall Down!


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