‘You Don’t Know What He’s Gonna Do This Time Around’ – Denver Street Team Leader Talks The Something Else Tour

Sep 11 2013

If it wasn’t for Kansas City being the hometown of Tech N9ne and Strange Music, you would have to consider Denver, Colorado to be the capital of Strangeland. With every returning visit to the rockies, Tech N9ne and Strange Music continue to play to packed houses of adoring fans who continue to show the diehard support that has become the mark of a Strange Music fan.

For this important city on The Something Else Tour, we decided to talk to Street Team leader Anthony Cruz and get a glimpse into his life as a street teamer promoting the biggest force in independent music. The dedicated Technician gave us the 411 on why Denver is so special and how he got into the game.

For anyone that doesn’t know, what’s your name and which Street Team do you run?

My name is Tony Cruz, and I run the Denver Strange Street Team.

How does it feel to take on the responsibility of being someone to spread the snake and bat around the country?

It’s an honor and a privilege. To be able to spread this phenomenal music the movement in the streets and the music stores just being apart of this to see someone that never knew about Strange converted into a Technician is priceless.

When did you join the Street Team and why did you join?

I joined in September 2010. Krizz Kaliko’s Shock Treatment album was my first project. This is music I believe in and I felt people needed to hear and share this heartfelt music being made. Along this journey I have come across people that wouldn’t give Tech the light of day now they believe and see it’s real music – not a gimmick. I would spread the word about Tech on my own before I even knew the local Street Team existed. I followed Strange every time they came to Denver ask Jose he knows. When I found out about the team page I joined immediately made it official and got to work.

When did you first hear Tech N9ne and Strange Music?

I first heard Tech on Yukmouth’s Thugged Out Album. I really got into Tech N9ne with Anghellic and Absolute Power. Tech was touring Absolute Power in 2003 when I heard the likes of Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman & Snug Brim and Project Deadman

What are your favorite albums from Strange Music?

Anghellic and Absolute Power there is so many others that it makes a choice like this hard to make. Those two have significant meaning to me and they opened the door for all the other albums we have been blessed with.

What is your Street Team doing to get the city hyped for this upcoming tour?

We have fun with it pushing online and building anticipation for the show. Talking up the show to people while in the streets doing promo. Last week we hit up the Lil Wayne Concert and this upcoming week we have the KS Classics show we will be at doing promo. We just gave away tickets and a meet and greet for this show on our Facebook page

Now as a Street Team Lead, you’ve probably seen a lot of Strange shows. What makes this tour special?

It’s Tech N9ne and it’s always special when it comes to Tech N9ne in Denver. You don’t know what he’s gonna do this time around. You think you seen it all then Tech gives you Something Else. You got ¡MAYDAY! playing: they put on such an amazing show live. Then Stevie Stone brings his Momentum to his performance. Prozak and the Skull Clan are gonna have the place moshing. Then you have the true lyricism from Ces Cru…all in one show Bam.

Anything else you’d like to say to the Strange fans out there?

Together we are a powerful force…



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