‘Definitely DIBKIS’ – JL BHood Talks Opening Up For Tech N9ne In Vegas On ‘The Something Else Tour

Sep 16 2013

JL BHood has come a long way.

From being one of the hottest spitters that Kansas City has ever raised to making the move to Las Vegas, the rapid-fire emcee now finds himself in a situation where everything has come full circle and will be opening up for Tech N9ne for the Something Else Tour’s stop in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock Cafe.

We talked to JL to get his thoughts on the opportunity to open for his hometown hero, what to expect from his set, and what he misses about Kansas City.

You made the move to Vegas from Kansas City and you’ve been living there for a minute now, how have you been digging it so far?

Yeah man I love it! It’s beautiful scenery out here, the mountains, lots of stuff to do, stars in town all the time. Definitely a live city – live place to be.

KC and Vegas skylines

What do you miss about Kansas City?

The people really. You know all my friends are there. Being able to stop by a homie’s house and work on a song or something like that. I don’t really have that luxury out here but…yeah that would be the main thing is the family.

How does it feel now to be opening up for Tech N9ne at this Vegas show?

It feels good! It feels like progression. It’s a great opportunity to get in front of the fans who will most likely love my music out here. It’s a great opportunity.

Can we expect a performance of “DIBKIS” in your set?

Oh yeah, definitely. You gotta perform “DIBKIS”.

Why did you write that song and what does it mean to you?

I just sat down with the beat and it just started coming together man. You know I’m in a Strange circle and we always try to keep it Strange you know what I mean? I started writing the record and started saying “Do it Big, Keep It Strange” and created an acronym, DIBKIS, and when I did I knew it was going to be something. The song is important to me because it represents what I’m trying to do: do something really big and do it different, do it in a Strange way, do it different than everyone else is doing it.

What else can we expect from your set for the fans that might not have ever seen you before.

You can expect me to definitely be bussin’ (laughs), choppin for sure and you can expect me DIBKIS. I’m going to show you how to DIBKIS.

I know you and CES Cru are the homies, is there any chance we’ll see a joint performance on either one of your sets?

No I wish we could do that but since they’re on the move we havent been able to practice or even talk that much about it. You probably won’t but you might see my verse from “Get That”, acapella tip too.

What can we expect from you musically in the near future?

Working on Brain Scatter 2. That should be out before the fall is over hopefully. That’s the plan. Just working on a lot of features, collaborations, collaboration projects. Just going to keep pressing forward man, trying to make some good music.

Anything you want to say before we wrap up this interview?

Well you know definitely DIBKIS (laughs). Stay tuned. I’m going to always try to impress and improve.

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