Wrekonize To Break Down ‘The War Within’ Track By Track

Sep 26 2013

Wrekonize offers you a glimpse inside his head during his War Within.

For the next few weeks, Wrekonize will be updating his personal artist blog with track breakdowns of every song on his official Strange Music debut album The War Within.

The blog starts off with a breakdown of the Intro and the first song “We Got Soul”.

Peep the details:

“This sounds like some epic intro shit!” is what Seven said to me when he played me the first draft of the music for “We got Soul”. He was absolutely right. I went to work with Seven later in the album timeline than I would have liked but he was producing so many projects at the same time (Tech N9ne, Ces Cru, Prozak, etc.) that we couldn’t link until I was far along in my process. But the beauty of Seven’s skill set is that no matter when you go to work with him you’re definitely going to come out with some beautiful music. He had a few beats already made that I ended up using like “Neon Skies” & “Puppet Masters” but “We Got Soul” was custom made while Bernz & I were in Kansas City. He ended up crafting the perfect balance of Boom Bap & 808 heavy sound to open up the album with.

I purposely chose to keep the cadence a bit more simplified and not go too chop heavy seeing as it was to be the opening of the album. I wanted it to be more about the lyrics and not as much about the verbal acrobatics. I Definitely knew going in to writing that I wanted to speak about my parents and reveal things I had never mentioned in lyric before. The result ended up being one of my favorite records on the entire album.

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Wrekonize - The War Within