Rittz To Be Featured On SIX Upcoming Albums

Oct 11 2013

Basically, Rittz is about to be every-freaking-where.

As if a Billboard charting album, a nation-wide headlining tour, and a coveted spot on the BET Cypher Series wasn’t enough, it’s come to our attention that White Jesus will be featured on SIX ALBUMS being dropped by the end of October!

Yes, you read that correctly. Rittz’s impressive double time flow, laid back vibe, and intricate lyricism have made him a go-to for guest features in a hip hop climate striving to bring back an emphasis on lyricism.

The albums Rittz will be featured on are as follows:

  • Chris Webby – Homegrown
  • Bukshot – Helter Skelter
  • Potluck – The Humboldt Chronicles
  • Liquid Assassin – Mongrel
  • Twisted Insane – TBA
  • Fortilive – TBA

It’s great to see that Rittz is following the work ethic of the Strange general Tech N9ne and remaining constantly busy, as these features in addition to the Life And Times Tour will give us plenty to listen to while we wait for Rittz to craft his next masterpiece, which we can only assume is already in the works.

Keep an eye out for those albums this month, and don’t miss Rittz on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher on Oct. 15th!



  • Who else would you like to see Rittz collab with in the future?
  • Which one of those features are you the most excited for?
  • Are you hitting up The Life And Times Tour??

Leave a comment below and let us know!