SET LIST: Top 10 Songs We Want To See Rittz Perform Live On ‘The Life And Times Tour’

Oct 11 2013

With Rittz headlining his own solo tour, the first after releasing his album The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant, expectations are high for a live side of Rittz that we’ve never seen before. Rittz answered to these expectations by hitting up Twitter to assure his fans that his set will include some never-before-seen shit to make it his best show to date.


We put together a list of songs that we want to see get the justice of a live performance. With material like The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant and his White Jesus: Revival mixtape under his belt, the song selection opportunities are vast, and because Rittz will have a lengthier set than ever before, we aren’t limited to picking the hype-tracks, but can fully explore Rittz’s wide-ranging catalog.

Here are the songs we want to encounter on the roller coaster ride of Rittz’s live show.

1.) “Intro”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

What better song to open up the show? A piano riff opens the track. The stage is bare. Rittz appears on stage, rapping in almost a spoken-word fashion and picks up the pace with each set of bars that pass. Drums kick in and Rittz is flowing full-steam, ending his concise verse with “The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant,” letting you know just what you’re in for.

2.) “F**K Swag”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

This lyrical onslought which completely dismantles everything whack in the rap game would be a perfect song to follow. A menacing Lifted production turns up the energy right away and lets the audience know that Rittz ain’t fucking around when it comes to this rap shit.

3.) “Like I Am”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

This mid-tempo track can slow things down a bit while keeping the energy high. Being one of the lead singles from The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant doesn’t hurt either.

4.) “Wastin Time”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

Time to reflect a little bit. After the dust settles from Rittz’s amped opening section, we have a moment of pause as Rittz reflects on all the downtime he spent along the way of becoming one of rap’s hottest spitters.

5.) “Switch Lanes”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

To segue from the somber mood into one that’s a little more upbeat but still retains the slowed-down movement of the middle part, Rittz could move to the smash hit “Switch Lanes”. With the crowd slowly waving their hands side to side, Rittz spits on the simple pleasure of cruising around with nowhere to go.

6.) “Blowin’ My Mind” – White Jesus: Revival

This one’s for the smokers in the crowd, which will undoubtedly be packed with people with a fine appreciation for the greenery. This song has a bouncy feel yet a smoothed-out production and hook which makes it the perfect soundtrack to spark up that blunt you’ve been saving for the perfect time. Rittz’s rapid-fire delivery still makes this a song that’s perfect for the stage despite the laid-back vibe.

7.) “For Real”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

Rittz turns it back up to 10 with this pounding number. The relentless flow and unforgiving Lifted production makes this an instant turn up track. Rittz could pull it out of his sleeve just when things are on the verge of getting too relaxed.

8.) “Misery Loves Company”The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant

It wouldn’t be a Rittz show, song or album if it wasn’t about some real shit. Rittz gets to push the frustration off his chest in this bitter but wildly-energetic track. “If you feel the same then come with me” Rittz is literally able to say to the crowd of gatherers can identify all too well.

9.) “Wishin” – White Jesus: Revival

Rittz takes a stool and bares his soul with the most vulnerable song in his catalog. With just a single spotlight on the long-haired emcee with a heart of gold, Rittz unloads his inner-most fears over an understated and solemn production.

10.) “All Around The World” – The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant

What better song to close out the show on your tour than a song about touring? Rittz leaves the stage on the best note possible with the crowd raising their lighters in the air.


Rittz comes out to perform the bangers from back in the day that the original fans have been bumping since day one.

“High Five” – White Jesus: Revival

“Walkin On Air” – White Jesus Revival

“White Jesus” – White Jesus: Revival




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