Something Else Tour Opener Spotlight: C-Mob [Fort Wayne, IN]

Oct 9 2013

Strange Music has always made it a point to showcase local talent during nationwide tours, and the Something Else Tour is no different.

With the upcoming show in Fort Wayne, Indiana coming up on Sunday, October 13, we got ahold of the opening act C-Mob and asked him what he thought about the opportunity to open on one of Tech N9ne’s biggest tours. Having opened for Tech before and recorded music with Shawnna and Twisted Insane, he’s not a newcomer to the opportunity, but relishes it like it’s the first time.

I heard you’re a repo man, tell me about that and how it influences your music.

I’ve been doing it for 8 years now. I work 50 hours a week so I can take care of my family and still release my own albums independently. It’s definitely an interesting job – there’s something new everyday. I could have my own damn TV show (laughs).

The job is very confrontational yet humbling. I deal with a lot of stupid fuckers but also a lot of hardworking, good people who go through hard times and can’t seem to catch a break. Being an underground artist I can definitely relate to that and you can hear it in my music.

Have you opened for any other artists before?

I opened for Tech N9ne, MGK, and the Strange Music crew last year at the Hostile Takeover Tour. I also open up for Twisted Insane whenever he’s in my area, that’s the homie. We just shot a video for “Underground Psycho” off his new album. Check it out.

Will Tech and the Strange Music Crew be the largest emcees you’ve opened for thus far?

As far as I’m concerned, Tech N9ne and the Strange Music crew are the largest emcees in the game, so that answer would have to be “yes.”

What does it mean to be opening up for some of the best live acts in hip hop?

It’s fucking awesome. Sharing the stage with Tech N9ne, who’s been my favorite emcee for over 10 years, is an honor.

This could be Tech N9ne’s biggest tour to date, how does it feel to be a part of such a historic occasion?

It’s truly an honor. Definitely one of the biggest highlights of my career so far.

What do you think of Tech N9ne and Strange Music’s live performances and how do they influence you in your performance?

481658_602456903112242_1860083823_nI always aim to be on the same level, if not better, than whoever I open up for. Since Tech and Strange Music put on the best live performance that means I definitely have to bring my A-game.

What can fans look forward to from your set?

You’re gonna see a lot of energy and hear a lot of tongue twisting, intricate rhyme patterns, and clarity. I do not disappoint.

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