‘Eternal ‘Til I Die’ – Tech Speaks On Longevity And World Domination With The Smoking Section

Oct 24 2013

Tech N9ne Smoking Section

After 26 years of interviews, Tech N9ne still manages to give us chills.

In this new interview with The Smoking Section, Tech does just that. The interview’s main focus is Tech’s longevity in hip hop and how far he plans on taking it (SPOILER: World domination is the end goal).

Tech also discusses how even though he does things his own way and rejects restrictions of any kind, there are still certain things like the length allowed on a physical CD that can stifle creativity at times:

Tech N9ne Smoking SectionThe fact that the man has been answering questions about his craft and his goals for over 2 decades and can still deliver an interview like this in which we get little bits of knowledge and pieces of Tech’s soul that we may not have seen before is astounding.

Click HERE to check out the full interview.



  • Did YOU see this level of success for Tech N9ne when you were a fan of his way back in the day?

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