‘I Just Wanted A Raw Song Where You Hear Some Motherfuckers Really Rapping’ – Hopsin Breaks Down ‘Rip Your Heart Out’ ft. Tech N9ne

Nov 20 2013

Rip 2With two emcees like Hopsin and Tech on a track, it’d be a task to make it not raw.

In a recent interview with XXL, Hopsin broke down a few of his best tracks on his upcoming album Knock Madness, and of course his Tech collab “Rip Your Heart Out” made the cut.

Hopsin breaks down how the track came about and reveals that he knew exactly what he wanted before the track was ever created:

That’s the vibe I’d imagine before the track was being created. “Man, if I get Tech N9ne on a song that’s just fucking slapping and just fucking beat.” I think we accomplished it.

The Funk Volume co-founder also broke down a few more tracks from his upcoming project, so the entire article is definitely worth a read if you’re looking for what you can expect from Hop on his upcoming release.

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