‘I Wanna Go On The Road With This Thing’ – Tech And Ross Robinson Speak On The Future Of ‘Therapy’, Possible Future Collaborations, And More!

Nov 20 2013

Tech Ross LA Music BlogWho WOULDN’T want to see Tech take Therapy on the road?

In part 2 of Ross Robinson and his interview with L.A. Music Blog, Tech addresses wanting to perform songs from Therapy live, but isn’t quite sure how he’ll pull it off:

The only thing about all the people that came through — Wes, Ortiz, Alfredo, Sammy — the hardest thing for me is when it comes time to do this thing live, everybody is so in their world I don’t know what I’m gonna do! I don’t want just any band playing this. I wanna go on the road with this thing, I want to do the songs from Therapy live.

Tech and Ross also delve into their love for Venice Beach, the creative process behind Therapy, and their plans to make another project together!!

We can only hope that the latter of those topics is carried out, because we know it will be even more epic than Therapy, if that’s even possible.

Click HERE to read the entire interview.


Tech N9ne Therapy

  • Would YOU like another Therapy project from these 2?
  • What rock bands would you like to see Tech collaborate with?
  • What would be the ideal lineup if Tech took Therapy on the road?

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