WATCH: ‘Thizz What It Iz’ – Tech Talks Mac Dre’s Death, Gang Affiliations, & Street Lessons With VLAD TV [Video]

Nov 4 2013

Vlad TV Tech N9ne

Sometimes it’s not all fun and games being considered the king of a city.

In a new interview with VLAD TV, Tech N9ne details some of the personal complications caused by Mac Dre’s murder in Kansas City:

“For a minute there I couldn’t go to the bay, for some months. My street team up there…. my boy Big Dave, he had a van up there, a Tech N9ne van… and he went to Cinco De Mayo and people were tryin to tip it over…He had to get out and knock a nigga out.”

Tech also discusses the uprising of gangs in his neighborhood and his affiliation with the Bloods, as well as some of the positive things gang life taught him that he uses to this day.

Watch the full interview below:


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