WATCH: Tech Talks ‘Therapy’ In-Depth, Tips For Independent Artists, And More [VIDEO]

Nov 4 2013

Behind The Rhyme

What are two things every independent artist needs? In this new interview with Behind The Rhyme, Tech breaks it down.

In this video, the interviewer comes straight out the gate with “what are 2 things every independent artist needs?”. Tech had this to say:

“Well, one and two are really hard ones. Money, is really hard. You need it, period. To make anything happen. Two? A wonderful product. Everybody think they got the shizer but they don’t. In order to have longevity you have to have something that will last the test of time.”

Tech also delves into what his time in school was like and how it became the inspiration for “Public School”, and speaks on the rest of the upcoming Therapy EP as well.

Check out the full interview below, and make sure to cop Therapy when it drops on November 5th!



  • What do you think are some other things any Independent artist needs to be successful?
  • Was your school experience similar to Tech’s?

Leave a comment below and let us know!