Five ¡MAYDAY! Mixed Drinks Featuring Jack Daniels

Jan 16 2014

You all have heard of Tech’s signature drinks, the KC Tea and Caribou Lou, right?

Of course you have, and of course you’ve had one (or ten) on a Saturday night. Now we ask you to ponder the possibilities for a ¡MAYDAY! cocktail of equally epic proportions.

As proven by the song “On That Jack”, the Miami crew clearly has an affinity for the world’s most popular Tennessee whiskey. So we’ve decided to concoct a few Jack-based drinks that we think could serve as ¡MAYDAY!’s very own signature drink.

Beard of Plex (Shot)
1½ parts Jack Daniels, ½ part Absinthe

You’ve heard of the term “put some hair on your chest” right? Well this shot is designed to put some hair on your chin. Known to be dangerous, absinthe added to classic JD is sure to pack a punch so have your chaser ready.

Lando’s Jam
2 parts Jack Daniels, 3 parts Ginger Beer

Because just mixing Jack Daniels with ginger ale isn’t going to cut it.

1 part Jack Daniels, 1 part Triple Sec, 2 parts Sour Mix, 2 parts Sprite

For those of you out there who need to take your Jack in stride, this sweet and smooth cocktail is far from lethal.Radeo Glass

Hardcore Bitch
2 parts Jack Daniels, 1 part Jägermeister,
½ parts Peach Schnapps, top with Cranberry Juice

As you can imagine, this drink is far from subtle – sneakily sweet but more potent than your average aperitif and perhaps just slightly too addicting.

The Miami Heat (Shot)
2 parts Jack Daniels, 1 part Fireball

Not beating around the bush, this shot is simply hot – exactly like Miami and all that they breed down there.


***We do ask that if you are so inclined to try some of these out that you do so in a responsible manner. The last thing we want is for any of you Believers out there to end up in a less than favorable situation.

  • Having said that, what do you think of the drinks? How did they taste?
  • Do you have ideas for a ¡MAYDAY! mixed drink?

Leave your reviews in the comments section below!


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