Our Top 5 Moments From The 2014 Grammy Awards

Jan 27 2014

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a major label event where all the bigwigs get together and celebrate each other. Yeah yeah yeah, Strange Music has made its bread and butter off of saying FTI, but we still got love for people who are making great music regardless of how it gets released.

Fans such as the one below thought that Tech N9ne should have been nominated for a Grammy, and why not? He released what many called the album of the year with Something Else, a collage of production aesthetics and subject matters that continue to push the hip hop envelope, just as he has always done with each release.

Regardless of Tech’s omission from the awards, there was still a lot to love from Grammy Awards, here’s our top 5.

5. Beyonce Stands Up


She knows what she’s doing. That’s really the only thing that needs to be said at this point.

Watch her entire performance of “Drunk In Love” below. Then watch it again.

4. Pharrell’s Hats


I mean, this shit got played out on your Facebook and Twitter feed 30 minutes after it happened, but regardless of that, Pharrell stole the show with…a hat. This guy has been a fashion tastemaker for most of his career, but we’re all puzzled with this one. His acceptance speeches for the many awards that Daft Punk got for “Get Lucky” were absent of any signs of mental illness, so we’re just going to guess that Pharrell knew exactly what he was doing.

Follow his hat on Twitter.

3. Macklemore’s Performance Anoints Couples In Marriage

Shout outs to this indie monster that has made huge waves by doing things his own way. This performance is no exception. Performing “Same Love” was something that we could’ve expected, but what happened next was something we didn’t see coming: Queen Latifah anointing 33 couples in marriage, some gay, some straight. Somewhere Lord Jamar has a gun to his head, but let’s be real: if hip hop started as a voice of the anti-establishment, then this performance just carried on the torch.

2. Daft Punk Punks The Grammys

Daft Punk Grammys

LMAAAAO. These guys clearly are in debt because they showed up without any fucks to give. Shout outs go to whoever were rocking the robot suits.

Watch the robots shake hands with the real Daft Punk after they win Record of the Year.

1. Kendrick Kills It With Imagine Dragons

Shout outs to the homie. Ever since we saw him as Jay Rock’s hype man on the Independent Grind Tour, we’ve watched this guy blossom into one of the biggest forces in hip hop. The production value and bombast of the performance alone made it one to remember, but we’d put this at the top if it was merely just Kendrick and his microphone. Why? Because unlike most hip hop moments that corporate is going to allow on broadcast television, this was Kendrick Lamar, which means that energy, lyrics, substance and style were all presented for the world to see. From our personal involvement with Kendrick, we can downright tell you that that success couldn’t happen for a cooler dude.

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