Meet A Technician Who Used Tech N9ne As Motivation For A Big Life Change [Fan Feature]

Mar 4 2014

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Many people come to a point in their life when they wake up and realize that it’s time for a change.

Shaun Benhase is one of those many who took a look at things and made moves to better himself. Unsatisfied with his body and the direction of his life, he set the goal to become fit and hasn’t looked back since.

Here is his story of that change and how Tech N9ne played in integral role for Shaun in his journey.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Shaun Benhase, I’m 23 and I currently live in Ohio. I have lived here about 13-14 years of my life and I work for my step dad.

When did you first come across Tech N9ne and Strange Music?

I first came across Tech N9ne when I was riding in the car to Marion with my buddy Kyle. He says, “Hey, I want you to listen to something real quick.” And at the time, around 2009, really the only big name in rap was Lil Wayne and I deeply despise the man because he’s ridiculous. I listened to it and it was nothing like I had ever heard because it was the song “Strange Music Box” off of K.O.D. and it really blew my mind. So I got into it a little more and listened to Calm Before the Storm and some of his other earlier albums and I just really fell in love with Strange Music as more and more artists signed on and I listened to them as well.

And this was at a time in your life where you were ready to make a change, correct? How did Tech help you take on that change?

When I first started hearing about him I was really heavy – fresh out of high school, no ambitions and no goals in life, I just sat at home and smoked pot every day and did absolutely nothing. Then I decided this isn’t going to work. I don’t know anybody who’s heavy and smokes pot all day who amounts to anything. So I figured I might as well get my life on track. So I moved down to Arkansas with my brother who supported me at the time when I was thinking about losing weight. Originally, my goal was to get into the Air Force so I would listen to Tech N9ne every day at the gym and it really helped me propel myself to keep going.


You mentioned that you quit smoking as part of your process. Is that something you’ve been able to keep up?

That was the hardest thing to do. I was just driving down the road one day, I picked up my pack of cigarettes, looked at them, threw them out the window and never looked back. It wasn’t as bad as most people say it is. I didn’t have any withdrawals, sweats or shaking. There were cravings, but after the first week they go away.

Where are you at now with your process?

I’m pretty fit, that was my goal. I’m going to keep working on it and I’ll honestly never be happy with where I’m at and I think that’s going to help me a lot. I’m fixing to go back to school for Nutrition and Fitness. I’ll be going to school somewhere in Arkansas and probably get my certification to be a personal trainer.

Workout playlist: give me three Strange Music tracks that are guaranteed to get you pumped in the gym.

Oh man, my top three songs are easy! It would have to be “Show Me A God” from K.O.D., “Mama Nem” from All 6’s and 7’s and “Down For The Block” from Bad Season.

Are those your top three based off how they sound or –

Yeah and plus the message in them. That’s why I listen to Tech N9ne, he’s actually talking about something and it’s not just bitches and hoes and smoking weed all day. He’s actually got a message to go with his rhymes

Have you been able to make it to a show?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you plan on doing VIP sometime so you will get to meet Tech N9ne and the crew?

If I have the money, I’d love to be able to do VIP and meet Tech N9ne!

Is there anything you would want to say to Tech N9ne or any of the other guys?

Thanks, he really helped me change my life around. Everybody on the label did. They all come from something, they tell their stories and that’s what I look for.